Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Install An Asrock Motherboard

Your motherboard is the device that communicates with the various devices in your desktop computer. If you are building a computer with an ASRock motherboard, you should install the motherboard before anything else. Your ASRock Motherboard will contain all the necessary screws and stands required for installation. Your motherboard connects to your case by resting atop the brass stands.


1. Turn your empty case on its side. The surface you are mounting your ASRock motherboard to should be flat on the tabletop.

2. Examine the holes in the side of your case. Hold your AS motherboard over your case and keep track of which holes align with your motherboard.

3. Insert brass stands into the holes your motherboard will use. Tighten the brass stands and make sure they are not loose.

4. Place your ASRock motherboard on top of the brass stands. The stands should align with the mounting holes on your board.

5. Place the screws into the brass stands then carefully tighten them down.

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