Monday, 8 June 2015

Update Ecs Bios

Your BIOS manages all internal features from your motherboard and its components.

Your BIOS controls basically all startup functions of your computer and many of its advanced features related to the CPU and memory. When you encounter some hardware problems, you should try updating the BIOS to attempt to repair these issues. Sometimes, an out-of-date BIOS might give your operating system blue screen errors that force it to restart.


1. Click the first link in Resources to enter the ECS BIOS update repository.

2. Click on the motherboard model pertaining to your computer.

3. Click the mirror that sits closest to your area and download the file.

4. Browse to the location you downloaded the file and open it. Double-click the setup file.

5. Follow the installation wizard until you complete your installation. Restart your computer when you finish. The changes only reflect after a restart.

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