Friday, 26 June 2015

Replace The Motherboard On A Sony Vaio Model Pcg7m1l

You can replace the motherboard of your Sony laptop, but you have to make sure it is installed correctly.

If your Sony Vaio PCG-7M1l laptop has stopped working or constantly freezes, then you most likely have a damaged motherboard. The motherboard is the brain of the computer. When it goes bad, the computer stops functioning normally. You can replace the motherboard yourself, but you should first have a professional technician look at your computer to verify that the motherboard is the problem. If you replace the motherboard and it is not the problem, or not the only problem, then your computer still will not work.


1. Prepare the Sony laptop by shutting down the computer, unplug the computer and remove the battery. These are safety measures to make sure there is no sudden electrical discharge when removing or installing the motherboard.

2. Lift the screen portion and remove the main panel using a flat-head screwdriver. On the side of the laptop under the main panel, there should be a crease that goes all around the laptop. Place the screwdriver head in that crease and pry the main panel off.

3. Lift the panel and disconnect the wire that connects the upper panel to the motherboard. It should just pull off, but be careful not to damage the panel or the connector. Remove the plastic panel.

4. Unscrew the keyboard by using a Phillips-head screwdriver. There should be four screws connecting it to the computer. Lift the keyboard and remove the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard, and then remove the keyboard.

5. Unscrew the motherboard and disconnect all the cables connected, such as the one to the hard drive and Ethernet card. It should just lift right up, but be very careful as you do not want to damage the connectors for the new motherboard.

6. Place the new motherboard in the Sony laptop and reconnect all the wiring. Replace the keyboard and the cover, and then fire up the computer to make sure everything works.

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