Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Overclock An Amd Athlon X2 4200

Overclock your AMD to run faster.

Overclocking is not a task to be taken on by the beginning computer user. When you overclock a computer, you make it run at a faster processor speed, but you have to account for the type of motherboard, memory and fan that you have equipped to the computer. In some cases, you will need to purchase new hardware (like a stronger fan) to account for the extra heat that will be generated from the faster processor. Either way, do not overclock your computer unless you are certain that your motherboard, memory and fan can handle your specific AMD Athlon X2 4200 running at a faster processor speed.


1. Enter your computer's BIOS utility by hitting "F1," "F2" or "Del" when the computer boots up.

2. Click on "Central Control Unit." Click on the "Press Enter" next to "Clock Generator Settings."

3. Click on "Auto" next to "Processor Frequency (FID)" and change it to "x11 2200 MHz." Click on "Disabled" next to "CPU Voltage Control" and click on "200 mV." Using the same method, change "CPU:MB HT Link Speed" to "x5 1 GHz," "Link Width" to "16 BIT" and "Reference Clock" to "290." Hit "F1" to go back one menu.

4. Click on "Press Enter" next to "FOXCONN Feature." On "DIMM Voltage Control" select "400mV." Hit "F1" twice to go back to the original menu.

5. Click on "Advanced Chipset Features," "NorthBridge Configuration" and "Memory Configuration." Scroll down to "TRAS" and select "15 CLK." Hit "F1" three times to get back to the original menu.

6. Click on "Save Changes," "Exit" and "OK."

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