Monday, 1 June 2015

Replace An Emachines Motherboard

Replace an eMachines Motherboard

If your eMachines computer will no longer boot up properly or power on at all, you may have a dead motherboard that needs to be replaced. The motherboard is one of the most time-consuming components to replace because all of the other parts are connected to it, but it can be done easily if you have the time and patience.


1. Save backup copies of any files, folders, and programs you will need to an outside source such as a rewriteable CD or USB jump drive.

2. Check the manual that came with your eMachines computer to find out what size motherboard it uses and what ports it has. Purchase a replacement motherboard with the same features and a new copy of the Microsoft Windows installation CD (see Resources).

3. Power off the eMachines computer and then remove all of the cables from the back of the case. Unplug any additional peripherals you have connected to any of the other ports, such as a USB printer or memory stick.

4. Set the computer case down on its right side and check along the back edge to see if the left side panel is connected to the case by screws or a metal pull out latch. Pull up on the latch or remove the case screws.

5. Push down slightly on the panel and slide it to the left to remove it from the case. Disconnect all of the cables that run from the motherboard to the power supply and drive bays. Remove the screws holding the expansion cards into place on the lower right side of the motherboard. Pull the cards upwards and set them aside.

6. Find the RAM modules at the top of the motherboard and push back the plastic hinges holding them into place. Pull them off the motherboard and set them aside. Disconnect the cable that connects the processor fan to the motherboard. Pull the processor fan off of the processor and set it aside. Grab both sides of the processor and gently lift it straight up and off the motherboard.

7. Remove the screws along the sides of the motherboard. Pull up on the motherboard and remove it from the case. Line up the ports on the replacement motherboard with the holes on the back of the case. Set the motherboard down onto the case and re-attach the screws.

8. Place the processor, processor fan, expansion cards, and RAM modules onto the new motherboard. Re-attach all of the cables to the power supply and drive bays. Put the side panel back into place and push down on the latch or re-attach the case screws. Plug the cables back into the computer and power it on.

9. Put the Windows installation CD into the CD drive and follow the instructions on the screen to install the operating system.

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