Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Replace The Power Supply On A Dell Optiplex

Replace the Power Supply on a Dell Optiplex

Your Dell Optiplex computer cannot take electricity directly from a wall outlet to power its various hardware components. Instead the computer uses a power supply that converts the electricity to a lower wattage so that all the parts work correctly. If your system suffers a power surge, the power supply may stop working and your Optiplex won't power on. You can remove the cover of your Optiplex case and replace the power supply on your own at your home or office.


1. Shut down the Dell Optiplex computer. Remove all the cables from the back side of the computer case.

2. Set the Optiplex on its side. Grab the cover release latch at the back end of the computer cover. Lift the latch up to unlock the cover from the computer.

3. Pull the cover upward and remove it from the Optiplex computer. Discharge any static electricity in your body by tapping your fingers against the metal ports on the back of the Optiplex case.

4. Locate the DC power cables running from the power supply to the motherboard and the disk drives. Disconnect each cable.

5. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the power supply to the Optiplex case. Locate the release latch at the bottom of the power supply. Press down on the latch and then slide the power supply forward to disconnect it from the case.

6. Pull the power supply out of the Optiplex computer. Set the new power supply in its place and push it down until the release latch locks into place.

7. Reattach the four screws. Connect the DC power cables from the new power supply to the motherboard port and the ports on the back of the disk drives.

8. Set the cover back on the Optiplex computer case. Reconnect the cables to the back of the case. Power on the Optiplex and wait for the operating system to load to ensure the power supply is working correctly.

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