Thursday, 11 June 2015

Replace A Server Motherboard

A server handles and stores all of a user's computer data. It run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given its rigorous work load, the internal components of the server can take a beating. For that reason, designers know the importance of making it quick and easy to replace parts. If you need to replace a motherboard, first make sure you get the right model for your system.


1. Order a replacement motherboard from the manufacturer. Provide the serial number and product code.

2. Turn off the server and disconnect all peripherals, keyboard, mice, Ethernet wire and power cord. Lay the server on its side. Remove the two screws on the rear holding the access tray to the case.

3. Disconnect the wiring harness from the motherboard. This is a single bundle of cables that provide all connections. This facilitates quick removal of the motherboard.

4. Slide the access tray out of the chassis carefully. Remove the screws holding the motherboard onto the access tray.

5. Remove the old motherboard from the access tray and place the new motherboard on the tray. Replace the screws into the new motherboard.

6. Slide the tray back into the chassis and connect the wiring harness back onto the motherboard. Attach the screws back into the chassis, and turn the server back upright.

7. Plug the components back in, as well as the keyboard, mouse, Ethernet cable and power cable. Turn the server back on and allow to it boot.

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