Thursday, 25 June 2015

Replace An Intel 6600 Cpu Fan

A new CPU fan can add cooling efficiency for your 6600 processor.

Intel 6600 series CPUs are multi-core processors that fit motherboards containing an LGA 775 CPU socket. The dual-core E6600 and quad-core Q6600 tend to run hot during operations requiring a high-speed CPU cooling fan with heat sink, to prevent overheating followed by shut-down. Replacing the CPU fan that comes with the Intel 6600 with an aftermarket version, or with a replacement of the official model, is a simple process. Seating the fan properly onto the CPU is vital, though, as any mistakes in installation can lead to overheating, causing system instability and shutdown.


1. Place an antistatic wrist strap onto your wrist and ground the strap by clipping it to a metal surface. The strap will protect your system from damaging static discharges.

2. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the system.

3. Place the case onto a flat surface with the case top pointing upwards so that the CPU with fan lies horizontally.

4. Remove the screws securing the PC case cover to the PC case with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Set the screws aside and then slide the case cover off the case, revealing the CPU fan.

5. Unplug the fan's four-pin power cable from the motherboard.

6. Unlock the fastener caps that secure the fan with heat sink to the motherboard. Turn the caps 90-degrees counter-clockwise to place them in the unlock position. Pull the fasteners up to remove the fan pins from the motherboard.

7. Gently lift the fan with heat sink from the CPU.

8. Remove the protective paper covering the thermal patch from the bottom center of the replacement fan with heat sink.

9. Place the replacement fan with heat sink onto the CPU with the four pins aligned with the four setting holes around the CPU socket. Do not touch the thermal patch under the heat sink or the top of the CPU.

10. Press the four fastener caps down, pressing the pins on the bottom of the fan through the motherboard pin holes. Turn the pins clockwise 90-degrees to secure the fan into place.

11. Plug the four-pin fan power cable into the fan power socket indicated on the motherboard.

12. Replace the PC case cover. Slide the case cover into position over the case opening and then secure it in place using the case screws.

13. Plug the power cable back into the PC power supply and then turn on the PC to start the boot-up and start the new replacement Intel 6600 CPU fan.

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