Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Install Dsl With A Missing Ethernet Driver In Dell Desktops

Connect to the Internet with an Ethernet connection.

DSL Internet connections reach computers through an Ethernet cable. This cable runs directly into the modem built into your computer. However, if you are running a Dell computer and you have accidentally removed the driver for the Ethernet cable connection, you must reinstall it before connecting to the Internet. Without the driver, the computer will not detect the Ethernet cable connection.


1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to

2. Select the "Support" option, and choose "Downloads" when the new page loads.

3. Search for your particular Dell desktop, then click the operating system currently installed on the computer. In a moment, all of the available drivers will appear on the screen.

4. Look through the list of drivers until you find the modem driver. Click the "Download" tab for this and the modem driver downloads to your computer. Double-click this driver download to launch the installation wizard. Follow the brief steps to complete the driver installation.

5. Connect the first Ethernet cable into the Ethernet wall port, then insert the opposite end of the cable into the "WAN" port on your DSL modem.

6. Attach the second Ethernet cable into one of the numbered "OUT" ports on the DSL modem, then connect the opposite end of the cable into the "WAN" port on your Dell's modem. A light appears on the modem; this means the Internet connection is secure and you are able to access the Internet.

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