Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hp Ze4500 Specs

The ze4500 is a notebook PC in Hewlett-Packard's Pavilion series. It is one of 11 models in the "ze" series, and falls in the middle of the series in terms of price and processing power. Although Hewlett-Packard no longer makes the ze4500, it still offers customer support and updates for its software and drivers.

Physical Dimensions

The ze4500 comes with either a 14-inch display or 15-inch display. The 14-inch model is 12.9 inches long, 10.7 inches wide and 1.3 inches thick. The 15-inch model is 12.9 inches long, 10.7 inches wide and 1.4 inches thick. The weight varies based on accessories, but the minimum weight is 6.5 lbs.

Visual Specifications

The LCD screen has a resolution of either 1,024 by 768 pixels or 1,400 by 1,050 pixels. The ze4500 has an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics accelerator with 16, 32 or 62 megabytes of memory. It also can support the use of two monitors simultaneously. External monitors can be linked if they have a resolution of no more than 1,600 by 1,200 pixels and a refresh rate of at least 85 Hz.

Processor Specifications

The ze4500 comes with an AMD Athlon XP processor with a 1.87 GHz processing speed. It also has 512 KB of processor memory.

Memory Specifications

The ze4500 has two slots for random access memory, or RAM, cards. The model has 128 MB to 1 GB of RAM depending upon customer preference. The removable hard drive holds up to 60 GB.

Audio Specifications

Two stereo speakers are built into the ze4500. It also has headphone and microphone jacks.

Battery Specifications

The ze4500 comes with a choice of batteries. The lithium-ion battery holds a charge for an average of three hours. The nickel-metal-hydride holds a charge for about two hours. The battery can be recharged in about two hours when the ze4500 is turned off and three hours when it is turned on.

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