Friday, 5 June 2015

Install Xp On Asus Motherboard Amd

Install Windows XP to finish building your computer.

When building a computer, the final step is to install the operating system and the drivers. For Windows XP, the procedure is the same regardless of whether the motherboard is an Asus motherboard or any other brand. Likewise, the procedure is the same for both AMD and Intel processors.


1. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM drive and boot from the CD.

To boot from the CD, it may be necessary to change the boot priority in the BIOS. When the system starts up, a message says "Press DEL to enter Setup," although with different computers a different button may be required, such as "F12." Once in the BIOS, navigate through the menus to find a section called "Boot Priority," then make the CD-ROM drive the first boot device priority.

2. Press "Enter" to set up Windows XP, then press "F8" to accept the End User Licensing Agreement. In the next screen, again press "Enter" to set up XP.

After booting from CD, the screen will turn blue and it may take a minute or two while Windows loads.

3. Choose the option for the NTFS file system, but not the quick version.

NTFS allows for larger file sizes and better security. After NTFS has been selected, it may take several minutes for the setup files to copy to the hard drive. Let the computer restart (do not press the key to boot from CD), then wait as XP continues to set up. During this time, the system may restart itself and the screen may go black. Wait until a dialog box pops up.

4. Follow the prompts on the dialog box. Enter a language and region, as well as a name and organization.

5. In the next screen, enter the product key, then enter the name of the computer and an admin password. Also enter the correct time, date and time zone. Then keep selecting "Next" for a typical network configuration. The computer will restart, and XP will bring up a welcome screen. Answer the last few guided questions, and XP is now installed on a Asus AMD system.

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