Friday, 26 June 2015

Install Ddr Ram

Random access memory, or RAM can be described as a computer's short term memory. It provides memory space a computer can use toward running programs in real time, but it does not store data long term: all the data on RAM is lost when a computer is powered down. Adding more RAM to a computer is commonly considered one of the easiest ways to increase computing speed, and therefore, knowing to install new DDR (double data rate) RAM sticks is a useful skill.


1. Turn off your computer and open the case. Usually the case can be opened by unscrewing two or three screws along one edge of the back of the computer case. Set the side case panel aside and turn the computer on it's side, so that you can look down into the computer.

2. Find the RAM slots. RAM bays are parallel slots, which are usually located to the right of the CPU fan and heat sink. The big fan sticking out of the middle of the motherboard.

3. Eject the outdated RAM sticks. You will notice that each RAM module is clipped in place by two small clips on either side of each RAM bay. Pushing down on these clips firmly will pop the old RAM module out of the slot.

4. Install the new RAM sticks. Simply push the new RAM sticks down firmly into the open slots to get them to snap into place. You can tell when the RAM stick is in place when the clips snap in around it, holding it tight.

5. Close the case and power on your computer. The new memory module(s) should be automatically recognized by your motherboard.

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