Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Install A Talismoon Whisper Fan

Xbox 360 console

Your Xbox 360 console uses a system fan to keep its internal hardware components cool while you play games. Unfortunately, the fan can become quite loud during normal operation. To keep your console running quietly, you can install a third-party component such as the Talismoon Whisper fan. You will need to disassemble your Xbox and replace the existing fan.


1. Remove the game disc in the Xbox 360. Power off the console and remove its power cable. Press down on the hard drive release latch and pull the hard drive off the top of the console.

2. Set the console on its side. Squeeze the top and bottom ends of the faceplate to unlock it from the console. Pull the faceplate off the Xbox 360 and set it aside.

3. Locate the series of vent holes on the metal grill underneath the faceplate. Look through the holes and find the gray tabs visible behind them.

4. Insert the metal rod that came with the Talismoon Whisper fan into a vent hole next to one of the tabs. Lift the rod slightly upward to unlock the tab. Repeat the process with the remaining tabs.

5. Pull the metal grill off the console. Turn the console around so that you can see the audio-video connectors. Insert the micro flat blade screwdriver that came with the Whisper fan into each of the seven holes at the center of the case.

6. Wiggle the screwdriver back and forth until you hear the tabs inside the console unlock. Grab the top half of the case and lift it off the Xbox console until you can see the metal chassis.

7. Use the Torx #10 screwdriver to remove the six screws holding the metal chassis to the case. Pull off the case so that you can see the internal components.

8. Use the Torx #8 screwdriver to remove the screws holding the disc drive in place. Pull the disc drive out of the console so that you can access the fan. Unplug the cable running from the fan to the motherboard.

9. Remove the screws holding the fan in place and pull the fan out of the console. Set the Talismoon Whisper fan in its place and replace the screws. Connect the cable from the motherboard to the new fan.

10. Reassemble the Xbox 360 console and plug it back in. Power the console on.

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