Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Install Ram In An Emachines T5224

Upgrade your eMachine's memory in minutes.

The eMachines T5224 desktop computer features an Intel Pentium D 820 processor and a 250 gigabyte hard drive, and comes with two 512 megabyte DDR2 dual-channel memory modules preinstalled from the manufacturer. Because the eMachines T5224 has only two total memory slots available, you must replace both of the preinstalled memory modules with higher capacity 533 megahertz 240-pin DDR2 modules. The T5224 is expandable to a total of 2GB memory (each memory module being 1GB).


1. Turn your computer off and unplug the power cord as well as the cords for all peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer. Take the computer to a suitable work area such as a table.

2. Remove the thumb screws located on the back of the computer, holding the left side panel on the chassis. Slide the left side panel off by grasping the finger slots on the rear of the panel and pulling. Lay the computer on its right side for easier access to the motherboard.

3. Ground yourself to the chassis by attaching the anti-static wristband to your wrist and connecting the alligator clip of the wristband to the metal portion of the computer chassis. Locate the T5224's memory slots (labeled "E" in the resource).

4. Remove each memory module by depressing the locking tabs on each end of the retaining sockets and pulling them out one at a time. Try not to touch the black memory chips or the metal contacts on the module. Improper handling can cause damage to the memory modules.

5. Make sure that the locking tabs on the memory slots of your computer are fully extended outward. Note the location of the notch hole for each new memory module. These off-center notches line up with small crossbars in the middle of the computer's memory slots to avoid incorrect or backward installation.

6. Install the memory modules in the slots one at a time by lining up the notches on the modules with the crossbars in the memory slots and pressing down on them firmly until you hear a "click" sound. Make sure that the retaining clips on both sides of the memory slots have snapped into the upward position, securing the memory modules to the slots.

7. Slide the left side chassis cover back into place and reinstall the two thumbscrews. Reconnect the computer's power cord and all peripherals.

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