Monday, 29 June 2015

Replace The Processor Fan On A W3611 Pc

CPU fans sit atop the processor heat sink.

Whether your current processor fan is broken or you simply want to upgrade to a higher-power model, there could be major consequences if you install a new CPU fan incorrectly. Whereas there are no consequences for forgetting to plug in a hard drive or power cable, a lack of a working fan can destroy a computer processor. Understand install a processor fan in the eMachines W3611 to avoid this danger and give your CPU the cooling power it needs.


1. Turn off the eMachines W3611 and unplug all cables from the system. Remove the two thumb screws on each end of the left side panel. Pull the panel away to access the internal components.

2. Unplug the processor fan, which is located near the middle of the motherboard on top of the processor heat sink. Twist out the four screws on each corner of the fan with a Phillips screwdriver. Grab the fan by the edges and pull it out of the system.

3. Place the new fan on top of the heat sink in the same location as the old one. Secure it using the same screws that held the old unit down. Plug the fan cable into the white connector next to the heat sink.

4. Replace the system cover and plug all cables back in.

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