Thursday, 11 June 2015

Install A Sis Ethernet Controller

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) is a renowned manufacturer of highly reliable, low-cost computer chipsets, and their Ethernet cards are particularly popular as an inexpensive solution for adding networking capability to a computer. Install an SiS Ethernet controller in your computer to add the computer to your wired home network.


1. Shut your computer down, and remove all of the cables from the back. Place the computer tower on a workbench or table for easy access.

2. Open the computer tower. Depending on the manufacturer, it may have a tab or button on the back to release the side panel, or the cover may be secured to the chassis with screws that must be removed. After the cover or side panel is removed, turn the case on its side. You should now be looking directly down at the motherboard.

3. Locate an open expansion slot on the motherboard. In the computer case, each expansion slot will have a metal cover which will either need to be unscrewed, or pushed out. Remove the metal cover.

4. Push the Ethernet controller gently into the upgrade slot. The card's port will be visible from the back of the computer, where the metal cover was removed. Screw the card firmly to the computer chassis.

5. Close the computer tower, return it to its original location, and plug the cables back in. Turn the computer on. In most cases, newer versions of Windows will be able to detect the controller and install drivers for it automatically. You may need to have a driver disk or CD ready, however. If your Ethernet controller did not come with drivers, download them from the SiS website (see "Resources").

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