Monday, 4 May 2015

Install A Bracket In Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are usually not very sturdy. Depending on its size, a toggle bolt can hold up to 100 lbs., but unfortunately, ceiling tiles may not hold much weight at all. Be careful what you're putting on your ceiling. When in doubt, consult with a handyman, your landlord or a professional carpenter. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Purchase the brackets. Once you've picked brackets of the appropriate size for your project, you'll need to purchase toggle bolts to fit in the holes where screws would normally be. Once you've found the right toggle bolts, purchase a drill bit that will drill an appropriate sized hole for the toggle bolt.

2. Place the bracket on the ceiling tile where you'd like it to go. Mark the holes where the toggle bolts will go through the bracket and into the tile.

3. Drill holes where you marked on the ceiling tile.

4. Insert the bolts into the holes of the bracket and then screw the toggles to the end of the bolts.

5. Fold the toggles down so they are completely compacted. Fit them through the holes that you made for them in the ceiling tile. When they've pushed through the ceiling tile and into the ceiling, they'll expand behind the hole and grip the ceiling tile from the top.

6. Using a screwdriver, screw the bolts in to the toggles clockwise, slowly closing the gap between the bracket and the ceiling.

7. Screw the bolts until they can no longer be tightened. Adjust the bracket, if needed.

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