Monday, 4 May 2015

Replace The Motherboard On An Hp Dv6000

The motherboard moves information between the processor and the components.

When your HP DV6000 motherboard goes bad, your laptop becomes nothing more than an over-sized paperweight. You can save yourself the cost of buying a new laptop, by just replacing the motherboard. You will have to take almost every component on the laptop apart to get to the motherboard, so schedule at least a few hours to complete the replacement.


1. Turn the DV6000 off, remove the power cable and turn it over on the table. The front of the laptop should still be facing you, only you are looking down on the underside. Slide the battery latch to the left and lift the leading edge of the battery to remove it from the DV6000.

2. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws inside the panel on the bottom right corner of the laptop, the screw below and to the right of the battery latch, the five screws on the inside of the battery cavity, the two screws on the top of the center panel in the middle of the laptop, the two screws on the back corners of the laptop, the four screws along the front edge of the keyboard, the two screws along the right side of the keyboard and the two screws in the middle of the bottom-right quadrant of the keyboard.

3. Pull up on the cover located in the middle of the laptop, to reveal the memory modules. Remove a small screw directly to the left of the memory modules, and one screw located outside of the memory area, just to the right of the first screw.

4. Pull up on the panel located in the bottom-right corner of the laptop and remove it. Pull up on the hard drive tab which you just revealed, and remove the hard drive from the laptop.

5. Place the end of a paperclip into the small hole located on the DVD drive. The drive will pop out when you do this. Pull the drive all the way out, and remove it.

6. Turn the DV6000 over and careful open it all the way.

7. Pull up on the back of the switch cover, located between the keyboard and the display. The switch cover will swing up and come away from the board. Follow the cable connected to the switch cover to the connector on the board. Flip the connector up, and remove the cable. Remove the switch cover.

8. Lift the back of the keyboard and slide it back about an inch. Rotate the back side of the keyboard forward, until it rests over the touch pad. Find the cable that connects the keyboard to the main board, and release it from the connector on the main board. Remove the keyboard from the computer.

9. Remove two small screws on the speaker assembly, then disconnect the cable at the end of the speakers from the main board. Remove the speakers.

10. Unplug the two small cables at the top left corner of the main board, and one directly under the middle of where the keyboard was. Unscrew the two screws located in the hinges that connect the display to the laptop. Lift up on the display to remove it.

11. Turn the DV6000 over and remove the three screws from the left side of the laptop, and the three screws from the top edge of the laptop. Then turn it back over and remove the two screws located in the top-right corner of where the keyboard was, and the one screw in the top-left corner.

12. Release and remove the two cables on the left side of the laptop, and the one cable running from the touch pad to the center of the laptop.

13. Pull up on the very back piece of the top cover, and it will come off. Then pull up on the top cover, and remove it, exposing the motherboard.

14. Remove the two screws that hold the audio port to the motherboard. Slide the ports back, then unplug the cable between them and the motherboard. Remove the audio ports. Repeat this procedure for the USB and power ports.

15. Release the cable running from where the Power plug was from its clips. Remove the two screws located on each of the flaps coming off the right side of the motherboard. Grab the motherboard by the DVD drive connector on the right side, and swing it up. Then pull the motherboard away from the laptop.

16. Reverse the entire process to install a new motherboard.

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