Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Install A Radeon 9600 Pro Graphics Card

Install a Radeon 9600 PRO Graphics Card

The Radeon 9600 PRO is a high-powered video card created for playing resource-demanding multimedia files and video games. The Radeon 9600 PRO's features include pixel shading, high-resolution video support and quad-channel DDR memory totaling 256 MB. Installing the Radeon 9600 PRO requires that you have an AGP-compatible slot and a power supply of at least 300 watts. An AGP slot is designed specifically for video cards.


1. Turn off your computer. To prevent electrical damage or shock, remove the power cable from the wall.

2. Ground yourself. Before touching any internal hardware, you should ground yourself to remove static electricity. You can do this by either touching something metal before touching the hardware or by using an anti-static wristband, which you can purchase at an electronics store. Avoid installing the hardware on static-prone surfaces such as carpet or rugs.

3. Open the computer case. Depending on your computer model, you will need to either unscrew the side panel or slide it open using the release levers.

4. Locate the AGP slot on the motherboard. Generally, it will be toward the back or side of the computer, protruding from the motherboard. If you can't find it, refer to your computer manual.

5. Insert the Radeon 9600 PRO into the AGP slot. The metal brace connected to the video card should slide into the back of the computer case. In some cases, you may have to remove the temporary metal brace from your computer case to make a free slot. Make sure the video card fits snugly into the AGP slot and screws securely into the computer case.

6. Close the computer case and replace the side panel.

7. Reconnect the power cable to the wall and turn the computer on.

8. Install the drivers. A driver CD comes with the Radeon 9600 PRO, and you must install the drivers for the video card to work properly. Insert the CD into your computer and follow the prompts to install the video card. You may need to reboot after the installation. If you do not have the driver CD, you can download the drivers from the Radeon manufacturer's website (see Resources).

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