Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Installation Instructions For An Ati Driver

ATI, now owned by AMD, produces a wide line of graphics display adapters, more commonly known as video cards. ATI graphics adapters range from budget motherboard-based video chipsets to high-end 3D gaming cards costing hundreds of dollars. While performance of the cards obviously varies, all ATI video cards do have one thing in common -- they need updated drivers to perform well in Windows. ATI constantly releases updated drivers for most of its video cards -- even ones no longer in production. Installing updated ATI drivers helps your machine run faster and more stable, and is a relatively simple process.


Locate Graphics Card Model Number

1. Click "Start" then "Devices and Printers." Click "File" then "Device Manager" on the menu bar.

2. Double-click the "Display Adapters" link in the Device Manager window.

3. Record the model or series name of your ATI graphics card. An example of an ATI model or series name is "ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500." In Device Manager, many ATI cards are listed using series names rather than a specific model number. That's okay, though, because you can still find the driver easily on the AMD downloads site.

Download and Install ATI Drivers

4. Navigate to the AMD Graphics Drivers and Software Downloads site. Use the drop-down boxes on the page to choose your adapter type, operating system and model of ATI graphics card. Click the "Display Results" button.

5. Click the "Download" button next to the latest date version of the "Catalyst Software Suite" for your ATI card. Save the file to a folder on your computer.

6. Right-click the "Start" button and click "Open Windows Explorer." Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded ATI driver software. Double-click the file to launch the setup wizard.

7. Accept the License Agreement and click "Next." Accept the default path and installed components and click "Next." Review and accept the installation parameters by clicking "Next."

8. Wait for the setup wizard to install the updated drivers and software for your ATI graphics card. Click the "Finish" button when prompted. Click the "OK" button to restart the computer and apply the driver changes in Windows.

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