Friday, 15 May 2015

Install A Motherboard On A Dell E521

You must first dismantle your Dell Dimension to remove the motherboard.

The motherboard on your Dell Dimension desktop is its most important component. All hardware, chips and external peripheral devices connect to your computer through the motherboard. In most cases, a motherboard should be replaced if you want to perform significant hardware upgrades to an outdated computer or if the motherboard is completely dead. Although it is possible to replace the motherboard yourself, wrongly diagnosing or installing a replacement motherboard can render your computer completely useless.


1. Turn off your computer, unplug the main power cable and all external devices from the desktop. Position the computer so the back panel is facing you. Lay the computer horizontally on its right side.

2. Pull back on the release lever located on the back panel. This releases the left-side access panel. Lift the panel off of the computer to reveal the internal components. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap to your wrist before dismantling the computer. This both discharges static electricity from your body and protects your computer's components from serious electrical damage.

3. Locate the four memory modules attached to the center of the motherboard. Spread apart the spring-loaded retention clips on each side of every memory module. This ejects each module from its respective socket. Remove the modules from the motherboard and store them in static-free plastic bags.

4. Release the clip securing the hinged retention door on the computer's back panel. This secures each PCI card to its slot. Rotate the clip so it is in the upright position. Pull each PCI card out of its individual motherboard slot.

5. Disconnect the data and power cables extending from the storage drives mounted on the front panel to their connectors on the motherboard.

6. Unplug the two DC power cables extending from the power supply mounted to the back panel to the motherboard. Remove the Phillips-head screws mounting the power supply to the back panel and release the supply's retention clip. Lift the power supply unit out of the computer and set it aside.

7. Use a thin flat-head screwdriver to disengage the retention tabs on either side of the processor cooling fan. Disconnect the fan's power cable from the motherboard, remove the fan's single Phillips screw and lift the fan out of the computer to reveal the processor chip.

8. Lift straight up on the processor's retention lever and lift the processor out of its socket. Disconnect all remaining cables from the motherboard assembly. Unscrew the remaining six Phillips-head screws from the motherboard and lift the unit out of the computer.

9. Reverse this procedure to install your replacement motherboard.

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