Thursday, 28 May 2015

Install A Motherboard In A Dell Inspiron 2500

When your motherboard dies on your Inspiron 2500 and you contact Dell, you'll probably be advised that it's best to buy a new computer, instead of replacing the motherboard. This is not the case, unless the motherboard costs as much as a new computer. The chances are that you can keep your computer and install a new motherboard, yourself. Keep in mind, though, that the best way to get your computer back together after disassembling it is to maintain a good organizational system so that are parts are reinstalled properly.


Cables and hardware

1. Remove all discs from the drive and shut down the computer.

2. Disconnect all the cables and the externally mounted components from the computer.

3. Locate the hard drive on the right side of the computer, extract the screw on it and pull it out of its bay.

4. Turn over the computer, extract the screw that's labeled with a "C" and pull the release latch on the bottom of the drive.

5. Locate the Mini-PCI card compartment near the hard drive, extract the screw on the cover and remove the cover.

6. Spread the retainers on the Mini-PCI card and it will pop up. Pull the card out of its port and disconnect the antenna cables from it.

7. Locate the memory module compartment on the left side of the computer base (near the disc drive), extract the screw on the cover and remove the cover.

8. Spread the retainers on the memory module and it will pop up. Pull it out of its port. If there are two, do this for both of them.

9. Extract the four screws that are labeled with a "K", turn the computer over and open the display.

10. Insert a flat-head screwdriver under the blank screw on the right side of the keyboard. Lift the keyboard up and disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard. Take the keyboard off the computer.

Removing the motherboard

11. Close the display and turn the computer so that the back is facing you.

12. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the seam between the hinge cover and the computer and pry it up from one side all the way to the other. Open the display and take off the hinge cover.

13. Extract the screw on the back of each display hinge. These screws are labeled with a "D."

14. Extract the screw on the display cable, disconnect the display cable and lift the display off the computer.

15. Turn the computer over, extract the nine screws that are labeled with a "P" and turn the computer back over.

16. Disconnect the palm rest cable from its port above the touchpad buttons and lift the palm rest off the computer.

17.Locate the video memory card in the middle of the motherboard above the microprocessor (there may not be one), extract the two screws on it and lift it out of the computer.

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