Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Swap Out A Xeon Processor In An Hp Proliant

The heatsink assembly and processor is easily removed from a Prolient server.

HP Prolient servers are designed for data center or small business use, depending on the model and form-factor of the server. High-end Prolient servers have single or dual Intel Xeon processors. These processors are specifically designed for servers and provide scalability with Intel Turbo Boost technology and regulate power use with Intel Intelligent Power technology. The processor in an HP Prolient server can be easily upgraded to provide additional processor speed and functionality as user needs change.


1. Shut down the server and unplug the power cord. This will remove all power to the motherboard.

2. Remove the bezel on the front of the server. Unlock the bezel and swing it open. Lift the bezel away from the hinges. Lift the latch on the access panel on the side of the server. Slide the access panel back approximately ½ inch and lift it away from the server chassis. Lay the server on its side to allow access to the motherboard.

3. Loosen the thumbscrews that hold the processor air baffle in place and pull the air baffle up and out of the server. Lift the processor retaining bracket lever up and swing the retaining bracket up and away from the processor. Release the processor locking lever and raise it up and over, approximately 160 degrees. Remove the heatsink assembly, which includes the heatsink and the processor.

4. Align the three processor guide holes on the heatsink assembly with the three guide pins on the processor retaining bracket. Place the new heatsink assembly into the open socket on the motherboard. It should slide in easily.

5. Close the processor locking lever. Lower the retaining bracket lever over the processor and press down until it locks into place. Replace the processor air baffle and tighten the thumbscrews that hold it to the center wall of the server chassis. Place the access panel on the chassis rail approximately ½ inch from the front of the server and slide it forward. Press the latch to lock it in place. Set the bezel tabs in the slots that form the hinge, close the bezel and lock it.

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