Monday, 18 May 2015

Setup & Install An Agp Graphics Card

Upgrading to AGP for better performance

Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) cards are a popular video-card format. AGP cards are not only faster than their closest rival, PCI cards, but offer overall better performance, reports, a website dedicated to personal computer technology. Most new motherboards come standard with AGP slots; however, some older motherboards may only come with the basic PCI slots. AGP card installations are a fairly simple process as long as no compatibility issues arise.


1. Power off your computer and unplug the power supply cable form the wall. Unplug any monitor or video cables also connected to the computer. Locate the screws on your computer's removable panel, or if you have a tool-less case, look for the release levers. Remove the computer panel to expose the internal hardware. Ground any static electricity by touching something metal before installing the card. Avoid doing the installation on any kind of abrasive surface such as carpet.

2. Locate the AGP slot on your motherboard. AGP slots are darker in color than PCI slots in most cases. It should be a dark grey slot connected to the motherboard, located towards the back of the computer case. If you have an AGP slot that you are replacing, or a PCI slot card, remove the card by unscrewing the mounting brackets and gently pulling the card out.

3. Insert the new AGP video card into the AGP slot. Screw the mounting bracket into the case to secure the card. You may have to push out one of the metal clip place holders on your computer case if you are using a new slot. Once you secure the card, push any wires or cables back into the case and put the side panel back on. Screw the side panel back on or lock it into place. Reconnect the power cable to the wall and plug in any video or monitor cables into the back of your new video card.

4. Power on the computer and let it load on your desktop. Since you are installing a new video card, the resolution may initially look poor until you install the drivers. Insert the driver or software CD that came with your AGP video card. Follow the steps until the installation wizard is completed. When you have received notification of a successful installation, you will generally have to restart your computer to see the changes.

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