Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Install A Digital Video Monitor

Connect a digital monitor to your computer system.

A digital video monitor connects to your computer system through a digital cable connection (or DVI). This is a cable connection updated from the older VGA option. DVI provides higher image resolution and is desirable if you are looking to view high definition video on your computer monitor. However, to use the digital video monitor on your computer you must have a DVI connection port on the system itself.


1. Look on the rear of your computer for a DVI cable connection port. This port is roughly an inch wide and is made up of a series of square pegs. To the side of the square pegs is a cross-like shaped image.

2. Connect the DVI cable to the DVI port on your computer. If you don't have a DVI port installed it is possible to purchase an upgraded video card for the system and internally install it.

3. Hand tighten the screws along each side of the DVI cable. This secures the cable connection and ensures it does not fall out of place while in use.

4. Insert the opposite end of the cable into the DVI port on the rear of the monitor. As with the opposite end, hand tighten the screws along the sides of the cable.

5. Power on both the computer and the monitor. The monitor now receives the digital video feed through the DVI cable

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