Friday, 15 May 2015

Reinstall A Sound Card For Windows Xp

A sound card is an audio processing device that plugs into a computer's motherboard, processes digital audio data and translates it into signals that are turned into audible sound by speakers. Most sound cards also allow for sound input through a microphone. If you installed a new sound card that caused your audio to stop working, you may have to reinstall your old card to get sound back until you can find a working upgrade.


1. Uninstall the drivers powering the malfunctioning sound card. To do this, go to the Start menu, open the Control Panel then open the Device Manager. Under the device Manager, find "Sound, video and game controllers" and locate the sound card that you want to replace with your original card. Right click on the device, then click "Properties." Click on the "Driver" tab, and then click "Uninstall (advanced)."

2. Turn off the computer and unplug all cords.

3. Open the computer case with your screwdriver.

4. Uninstall the malfunctioning sound card. Grip the card firmly at both ends with your thumb and forefinger and pull it straight back with as much force as needed to free it. You may have to undo a screw near the back of the case before attempting to pull it out.

5. Reinstall the original sound card. Do the reverse of step 4, aligning the card to the slot, and pushing down with even, firm pressure.

6. Close the case and reconnect cords.

7. Turn on the computer.

8. Install the drivers for the reinstalled sound card. If you have a CD with drivers for Windows XP, use that; if not, download drivers from the card's manufacturer. Once driver installation is complete, restart your computer. As it restarts, you should notice that the sound has been restored.

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