Friday, 8 May 2015

Replace A Dell Precision 650 Power Supply With Normal Ones

Replacing the power supply keeps your computer going longer.

The Dell Precision 650 desktop has a 460-watt power supply pre-installed at the factory to send the correct wattage to each of the components inside the computer's case. The power supply may stop functioning if the computer goes through a power surge. With a dead power supply, none of the other components will function, and the Precision 650 will fail to power on at all. Luckily, third-party power supplies are available to replace a malfunctioning unit.


1. Turn off your Dell Precision 650 computer. Reach behind the 650's case and unplug the power cable. Remove each of the remaining cables for the other devices, such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard and network cable.

2. Position the Precision 650 onto its side on a flat work area, with the left side access panel facing toward you. Locate the circular release latch at the back end of the access panel.

3. Lift the release latch and pull the access panel up into the 90-degree position. Tap your fingers against the unpainted metal tabs at the back of the 650's case to discharge the static electricity in your body.

4. Locate the series of rectangle-shaped expansion cards at the lower-left corner of the 650's case. Lift the plastic lever positioned over the first expansion card. Grip the top edge of the card and pull it off the card slot.

5. Set the card outside the 650's case. Repeat the process with any additional expansion cards currently installed in your Precision 650, if there are any.

6. Locate the plastic expansion card fan, which is positioned above the empty expansion card ports. Disconnect the cable from the back of the fan and press the release tabs on either side of the fan. Slide the fan toward the right and pull the fan out of the Precision 650.

7. Locate the rectangular metal power supply unit at the upper-left corner of the case. Disconnect the bundle of cables running from the edge of the power supply to the optical drive, hard drive and motherboard.

8. Push in the circle-shaped release button on the side of the power supply and slide the power supply unit out the computer's case. Pull the power supply's bundle of cables through the hole in the back end of the 650's case.

9. Slide the new power supply in the original position of the old unit. Thread the bundle of cables connected to the new power supply through the hole in the back of the 650's case. Connect each of the cables into the corresponding ports on the optical drive, hard drive and motherboard.

10. Reassemble the expansion cards and expansion card fan. Push the side access panel down until it locks into place and reconnect each of the cables on the back end of the 650's case.

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