Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Replace A Gateway 2500 Bios Battery

Replace the BIOS battery on a Gateway Solo 2500 series laptop to resolve issues regarding lost date and time when the system boots, or to maintain the hardware configuration settings stored in BIOS. The Solo 2500 series uses a battery pack that is attached to the motherboard with a small two-wire connector. The battery pack is typically located under the motherboard, making this operation rather challenging compared with many laptops inside which the battery pack is easily accessible.


1. Create a backup of the computer before attempting this operation to avoid data loss.

2. Power down the computer, disconnect the power cord and remove the battery pack.

3. Remove the memory and hard drive access covers and inspect for the battery pack, which is sometimes in these areas.

4. Remove the keyboard by gently prying up the corners of the keyboard, one corner at a time, and disengaging the small, delicate tabs that hold the keyboard in place. Lift the keyboard up about an inch or less to avoid disconnecting the small ribbon cable that connects it to the motherboard. Remove screws from the bottom of the laptop if the keyboard does not release by prying free the keyboard. Some models are screwed into place and not held by tabs.

5. Remove the BIOS battery pack and replace it with the new one. Replace the keyboard and any screws or covers removed during the process. Replace the main battery and connect the power cord. Set the date and time during the first boot routine.

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