Friday, 22 May 2015

Tell Whether A System Was Regular Btx Microbtx Or Picobtx

Motherboards come in different form factors that determine the parameters of the board. The balanced technology extended form factor was developed to replace advanced technology extended. Offshoots of BTX, called microBTX and PicoBTX, were developed. You can use a few methods to determine whether a motherboard is BTX, microBTX or PicoBTX.


1. Check the dimensions of the motherboard. The BTX measures 325 mm in width, the microBTX, 264 mm, and the PicoBTX, 203 mm.

2. Review the structural design. PicoBTX has one peripheral component interconnect socket. The microBTX has four and the standard BTX has five or more.

3. Count the number of mounting holes.Standard BTX has nine mounting holes lining the edge of the board. MicroBTX has six and PicoBTX has four. Only BTX and microBTX have a mounting hole located near the center of the board.

4. Shine a flashlight onto the motherboard and look for a sticker or silk screen with the product model or serial number printed on the surface. Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and look up the product model or serial number to find what form factor the motherboard uses.

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