Friday, 8 May 2015

Install A Dual Channel Ddr Sdram


DDR is Double Data Rate Ram. The dual channel DDR SDRAM runs faster than the speed of the system clock. The memory chips have a quicker processing time than the Single Data Rate (SDRAM). This allows your computer to use twice the memory with each program. Dual-channel is the procedure of the memory stick running at double the data speed. Normally, a DDR RAM is a 64-bit data channel. However, with a dual-channel DDR SDRAM, you receive a 128-bit data channel.


1. Check your motherboard manual. Motherboards have particular specifications. Your PC's motherboard must support your precise dual channel DDR SDRAM. If you add a memory stick to your motherboard and it is unsupported, you can cause damage to the PC and RAM.

2. Unplug all the device cords on the tower, including the power cord. Unscrew the right panel. Pull the panel off, and put it to the side along with the screws. Place the tower on the floor, with the inside facing upward.

3. Locate the memory slots. These are the long ports on your motherboard next to the processor fan. Some boards may have two, while others have four. They may also be color-coded.

4. Push the tab down on each side of the memory slot. Line your dual-channel DDR SDRAM above the port. The tab on the RAM fits directly into the tab in the slot. When it is in line, push down firmly. The tabs on the side of the port will automatically close around the DDR SDRAM. Double-check the RAM. If it is completely inside the port, move on to step 5. If it is not, push the side tabs down again and reposition the DDR SDRAM.

5. Replace the panel on the tower. Reconnect the device cords. Turn on the PC.

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