Thursday, 21 May 2015

Install A Cpu Heatsink And Fan

A heatsink's metal fins dissipate heat from the processor.

When you upgrade your computer's processor, you will most likely need to install a heatsink and fan assembly at the same time. You must take special precautions, while installing a CPU, to reduce the risk of static electricity damage, but it is a straightforward process. The entire installation will take 15 to 20 minutes, even if this is your first time opening your computer.


1. Power down your computer and remove the power cable from the back of the case. Open your computer case by unscrewing or sliding open the cover, depending on your computer's case style.

2. Slide the heatsink fan's power connector off of the pins on the motherboard. Locate the clips or retaining caps on the sides of the heatsink. Although each heatsink manufacturer has slightly different methods for fastening the heatsink to the top of the processor, generally you need to detach the clasps or caps on each side of the heatsink. Use a twisting motion to disengage the heatsink from the thermal paste and remove the assembly from the computer.

3. Locate the CPU retaining lever on the side of the CPU socket. It looks like a small metal lever, usually in an L-shape. Push this retaining lever up. Some motherboards also require you to move the lever out at a 90-degree angle after pushing it up.

4. Pull the CPU out of the socket. Make sure that no pins are bent on the socket. Use gentle pressure to install the new CPU. Spread a small dot of thermal paste on top of the CPU if your heatsink does not have a thermal compound applied on the bottom. Return the retaining lever to its original position to lock the CPU into place.

5. Press the heatsink down on top of the CPU. Press down on the clips or retaining caps to secure the heatsink onto the motherboard. Connect the heatsink fan's power connector to the pins you removed from the original fan's power cable. Replace the case cover.

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