Thursday, 21 May 2015

Install Sis Files

An SIS file is an installation archive for a Symbian Operating System device. Symbian Operating System is a platform that is used on many personal cell phones and PDAs. When installing any type of software onto the mobile phone, an SIS file is automatically created on the device. So in order to install an SIS file, some sort of software will need to be installed to create it.


1. Go to This site provides multiple downloads for all phones and PDAs which use the Symbian operating system.

2. Select your current cell phone from the list provided. This will bring up a list of available software and updates for the phone.

3. Select the software you would like on the phone and purchase it.

4. Connect the cell phone to the computer through the USB cable. The computer will detect the cell phone and launch the link software, which will allow software, contacts and images to pass from one to another. The phone will automatically install the purchased software. It will take a few moments for the installation to complete. Once the software has been installed, the SIS file will be installed as well, creating an archive of the installed program.

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