Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Overclock An Amd 64 X2 Processor With An Ecs Motherboard

People have been overclocking processors since the 1980s.

When overclocking was first introduced in the 1980s, it meant physically altering the processor by removing its quartz clock crystal and inserting one with a higher frequency. Within 10 years, hand tools were no longer required, and overclocking meant adjusting several small switches on the motherboard. By the decade after that, overclocking had moved entirely into the BIOS software, which has control over the processor's core clock and clock multiplier speeds, as well as the voltage supplied to the processor, Northbridge and other elements of the system. Today, all of this can be automated and managed from Windows.


1. Download and install AMD OverDrive. OverDrive is an overclocking utility created by AMD specifically for its processors, including the 64 X2 line.

2. Open OverDrive and click on the "Preference" tab. This is where you'll enable overclocking.

3. Under the "Performance Control Mode" heading, click the "Advanced Mode" button. Then, under the "Misc" heading, check "Apply my last settings when system boots." Then click "Apply." This will enable overclocking and automatically load your overclock settings whenever Windows is run.

4. Click the "Performance Control" tab, and under it, the "Auto Clock" sub-tab.

5. Check "Voltage Boost" under the "Advanced Options" heading. This will allow OverDrive to increase power to the processor to fuel the extra speed.

6. Choose a "Clock Step" value. The default is 1MHz, but larger values will allow OverDrive to find the maximum stable overclock more quickly. However, larger values will also increase the likelihood of OverDrive encountering an error.

7. Click the "Start" button to have OverDrive automatically find your maximum stable overclock. Note that this can take anywhere from several minutes to half an hour or longer.

8. Click "Apply Settings" (not "Apply") when the test is done if you want to use the results, then click "Apply," followed by "OK." These overclock settings will now be used each time you load Windows.

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