Thursday, 14 May 2015

Replace An E6320 With A Q6600

The CPU determines the basic speed of the computer.

Upgrading the processor in a computer can make a big improvement in nearly everything the system does, from boot time to crunching numbers, browsing the Internet or playing games. Replace an Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 with a Q6600 Quad Core processor for an improvement in both speed and efficiency. The E6320 is a dual-core chip running at 1.86 GHz, while the Q6600 is a quad-core chip running at 2.4 GHz. This gives the processor the ability to run twice as many processes per clock cycle, and also gives it nearly 50 percent more speed for processing information.


1. Power down the computer and remove the power cord from the power supply on the back of the computer.

2. Connect the clip end of the anti-static wrist strap to the computer case and attach the other end to one wrist.

3. Open the case and disconnect the power lead for the CPU fan from the motherboard. Push down on the movable side of the heat sink bracket to disconnect it from the plastic tab on the CPU socket. Release the other side of the heat sink bracket and remove the heat sink and fan from the CPU.

4. Lift the CPU retaining lever on the side of the CPU socket to a vertical position. Lift the load plate that holds the CPU in place to a vertical position. Grasp the E6320 CPU with fingers on the outer edge of the chip and slowly pull it out of the socket, placing it onto a protective foam or into a protective container of some kind to prevent damage to the pins.

5. Insert the Q6600 CPU into the socket by aligning the triangular indicator on one corner of the chip with the matching indicator on the socket so that Pin 1 on the chip matches Pin 1 on the socket. Gently set the CPU into place. Place the load plate down onto the CPU.

6. Lower the locking lever into place to secure the CPU in the socket. Place a layer of thermal heat sink compound onto the bottom of the heat sink if there is none on it already. Lower the heat sink squarely onto the CPU and attach the retaining clamps to secure the heat sink to the CPU. Attach the power connector for the cooling fan to the motherboard port labeled "CPU FAN."

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