Friday, 15 May 2015

Install An Ethernet Controller Driver For Vista 32bit

Ethernet controllers need drivers to work properly.

Windows Vista makes it surprisingly easy to download and install Ethernet controller drivers. Older versions of Windows require driver disks and manual setup, but Vista 32-bit edition automatically detects and installs new drivers. If the drivers are not automatically added to your system following Ethernet controller installation, you can still run diagnostic checks to determine which drivers are needed and install them.


Automatic Installation

1. Install the Ethernet controller. A USB controller is plugged into an open USB port, while internal hardware requires opening up your PC for internal installation.

2. Turn on your computer. With the Ethernet controller installed, Vista 32-bit should automatically detect the new hardware. Once detected, your computer will attempt to locate drivers in Vista's library or will connect to the Internet to download drivers.

3. Click the prompt in the lower right-hand corner that lets you know when the drivers are installed and the device is ready to use. If no prompt appears, you can use additional Vista tools for drivers not found during the automatic check.

Windows Update

4. Click on the Windows "Start" button.

5. Click "All Programs" and select "Windows Update" from the list of programs.

6. Click "Check for Updates." This will start a search for updates, including drivers for new hardware on your PC.

7. Click on any driver updates listed and select "Install."

Device Manager

8. Click the Start button and select "Control Panel."

9. Click "System and Maintenance" and select "Device Manager."

10. Click on "Ethernet Controllers" to expand the list of devices and right-click on the Ethernet controller that needs drivers.

11. Click "Properties," then click the "Driver" tab.

12. Click "Update Driver." This will begin a search for driver files, specifically tailored toward outdated or missing drivers for your Ethernet controller.

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