Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Manually Install Sata Drivers From A Repair Console

The Windows XP operating system includes a repair console that you can use to make changes on the computer even if you aren't able to boot into the operating system. This repair console is a command prompt that enables you to execute a number of commands. If your SATA drives are causing the problems and need new drivers, you can install one using the command prompt in the Repair console.


1. Insert your Windows XP disc into your optical drive and restart your computer.

2. Press a key when the boot up message indicates you need to press a key to boot from the CD.

3. Press "R" to access the repair console option. Choose the Windows XP installation that you wish to fix. This is usually the first option provided, so press "1" and "Enter." Input the administrative password for that installation.

4. Type "Enable" followed by the name of the SATA drivers. These drivers are now enabled for that operating system. If you need to copy the drivers from a disc first, type "copy." Put a space and input the path of the file, followed by the file name. Put another space and type "C:\," a space followed by the file name. You can then enable that driver. For example, if your SATA drive name is drivers.sys on a floppy drive A:, type "copy A:\drivers.sys C:\drivers.sys." Type "Enable drivers.sys" to enable that specific driver.

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