Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sell A Psp

Whether you have upgraded to a newer model or no longer play games on the console, you can sell your PSP to a new owner, either online through a sales website or offline at a store that specializes in used games on consoles. Before you can sell your PSP, you must prepare it for sale by taking stock of the console so that you know the appropriate price to sell it for, and so buyers know exactly what PSP they are receiving from you.


Setting Your Value

1. Turn over your PSP so you can see the bottom edge. Along the right side of the console is a barcode and a series of alphanumeric digits.

2. Copy down the last four of the alphanumeric series, falling after the letters "PSP." The first digit will either be a 1, 2 or a 3. This is the model number of your PSP.

3. Set a starting price for your PSP. As of November 2010, the average price of a used PSP 1000 is $100, and $120 for a PSP 2000 or 3000

4. Turn on your PSP. Press each button and use both the analog stick and directional pad. Write down any problems you have, such as the "X" button becoming stuck when pushed.

5. Move your finger lightly over the entirety of the PSP screen. Look for any points where the color is different than it should be, or where no light is being emitted. These areas are referred to as "dead pixels."

6. Write down the color of the PSP and any insignias that denote a special edition, such as Darth Vader on the Star Wars edition, or the purple Hannah Montana edition.

7. Reduce your price based on any damage to your system. Take off $5 to $10 for cosmetic damage and $20 to $30 for screen or hardware damage.

8. Bundle your PSP and its power cable together and place it in a resealable bag. Do not sell the PSP without the cable, as buyers will have no way of charging the internal battery.

Prepping the PSP for Sale

9. Open the back flap of the PSP and remove any games inside the console.

10. Remove your Memory Stick Pro Duo from the slot on the left side of the console.

11. Turn on the PSP. Scroll to "Account Management" and press "X.""Scroll down to "System Activation" and press "X."

12. Highlight "Game" and press "X." Select "Deactivate System" and press "X." Confirm the deactivation. This prevents other users from accessing your content.

Online Sale

13. Go to a website such as Amazon, eBay, or Dawdle. Type in the model number of the PSP you are looking to sell, to see a price range of other sellers.

14. List your PSP on the website for a price no more than $10 above the average seller.

15. Include all of the information you acquired when setting the console's value, including special edition information and any damage to the console.

Used Game Store Sale

16. Bring your PSP and the power cable to an electronics or gaming store that accepts used consoles. The clerk will test your console to make sure that it works.

17.Ask the clerk for the price he is willing to give you for the console. Often the price will be one value for store credit, and a lesser value if you request cash.

18. Inquire about trade-in deals, such as additional money for games or accessories for the PSP.

19. Accept the offer if it is in line with what you could sell the console for online.

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