Friday, 22 May 2015

Install A Laptop Hard Drive In An Enclosure

If you decide to upgrade the hard drive in your laptop, your old hard drive can still be useful. You simply need to purchase an "enclosure" and a connecting cable to either continue to use the old drive or format it for use as new storage. In either case, this allows you to keep old or outdated hardware useful even after an upgrade.


1. Make sure the enclosure you purchase is compatible with the type of drive you have. Most older laptop hard drives have what are called "PATA" connections, while newer ones are called "SATA" or "Serial ATA." (You can simply look at the label on your drive to determine its type.)

2. Remove the hard drive from the laptop with a screwdriver, then remove it from its static-free casing.

3. Open the enclosure and remove its static-proof slip.

4. Place the drive in the enclosure's static-proof slip and secure it in with the screws that came with the laptop. Many enclosures also come with small screws, but they may not fit your drive.

5. Insert the drive connectors into the connection socket on the enclosure. Be sure all the pegs are inserted properly.

6. Secure the casing of the enclosure with the supplied screws.

7. Once your laptop is back in working order with another hard drive, connect the external hard drive in its enclosure by way of a USB cord. Most operating systems will immediately recognize the drive and provide you with specific instructions for working with your drive based on its particular specifications. If your operating system does not recognize the drive, install the software that comes with the enclosure, which will guide you through the installation process.

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