Friday, 22 May 2015

Marry A Ps3 Drive Board With Your Ps3 Motherboard

Blu-ray drives are not completely interchangeable on the Sony PlayStation 3 console. Each Blu-ray drive daughterboard is only compatible with specific motherboards, which is referred to as marriage. In order to replace a Blu-ray drive, you must determine what model of Blu-ray daughterboard can be married to your console. The process is much easier if you still have access to the original Blu-ray daughterboard that shipped with your console.


1. Check the label on the Blu-ray drive. It is located next to the green circuit board. Locate the daughterboard number on this label. The model number consists of the letters "BMD" followed by three numbers. You can marry a Blu-ray drive board with the same model number to the motherboard. You do not need to do any additional steps to determine the board marriage if you have direct access to this model number.

2. Check the label on the back of the PS3 console. Locate the serial number. Near the end of the serial number is the letters "CECH." A letter or number appears after these four letters. This letter or number is used to differentiate between different models of the PS3.

3. Use a Blu-ray board as the marriage board for a model number "BMD-001" on a "CECHA," "CECHB," "CECHC" or "CECHE" model PS3 console.

4. Use a "BMD-002," "BMD-003" or "SEM-001" Blu-ray board for a "CECHG" model PS3. The "CECHG" PS3 is the only model with multiple daughterboards that can be married to it.

5. Use a "BMD-003" Blu-ray board for a "CECHH" model PS3.

6. Use a "BMD-006" Blu-ray board for a "CECHK" model PS3.

7. Use a "BMD-021" Blu-ray board for a "CECHL" model PS3.

8. Use a "BMD-051" Blu-ray board for a "CECH20" model PS3.

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