Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Troubleshoot Foxconn

Computer motherboards are available from many manufacturers, such as Foxconn. When information is not displayed correctly, in the BIOS, the CMOS RAM -- or small memory on the motherboard -- may need to be reset. This will clear all of the information that was saved to the CMOS. However, after resetting the CMOS RAM, you will have erased the date and time, which will need to be reset. Clearing the CMOS RAM will require you to access the inside of your computer.



1. Unplug the power cord from your computer and from a wall outlet or power strip. Put on your antistatic wrist strap to avoid damaging your computer with static electricity.

2. Remove the screws that are used to secure the side panel to the case with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

3. Take the side panel off and set it aside.

4. Locate the CMOS jumper that can be found in lower left of the bottom fan on the motherboard. Pull the jumper off of the pins "2" and "3," with the needle-nosed pliers.

5. Place the jumper over pins "1" and "2" to clear the CMOS RAM. Remove the jumper and place it back on pins "2" and "3."

6. Replace the side panel and tighten the screws. Plug the power cord back in to your computer as well as the wall outlet or power strip. Press the "Power" button to turn your computer back on.

Change Date/Time in CMOS

7. Press the "F2" key when the manufacturer's splash screen appears; this will boot to the BIOS.

8. Press the "Up" or "Down" arrow keys on your keyboard and highlight the option for "Standard CMOS Features." Press the "Enter" key to view the menu screen.

9. Press the "Up" or "Down" arrow keys and select the time. Press the "Page Up" or "Page Down" keys to select the values for the day, month, date and year.

10. Press the "Up" or "Down" arrow keys to select the date. Press the "Page Up" or "Page Down" keys to select the value for the hour, minute and seconds.

11. Press the "Esc" button to go back to the main menu. Select the option for "Save and Exit Setup. The changes you made will be saved and the computer will reboot.

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