Thursday, 21 May 2015

Set Up Wireless Internet For The Msi Atom N270 Netbook

Set Up Wireless Internet for the MSI Atom N270 Netbook

Several models of the MSI Wind netbook uses the Intel Atom N270 processor. This processor is a low-powered 1.6 mHZ processor used to lengthen the battery life on this netbook. The MSI Wind has a built-in wireless networking feature that allows you to connect to a wireless router or hot spot. Windows XP Home is the standard operating system on this netbook and it has a wizard for setting up the wireless networking capabilities of the computer.


1. Look at the system tray on your MSI Wind netbook. Find the icon that looks like a computer monitor.

2. Right-click this icon and choose "View Available Wireless Networks."

3. Choose the SSID, or name of your wireless network. Choose the wireless network with the strongest signal strength if you are unsure what the SSID for your network is. Usually that will be the right network, unless you have multiple wireless networks or hotspots located very close to your computer.

4. Click "Connect." Enter the network password if you have one. Your MSI netbook will connect to the wireless network. The wireless connection system tray icon you clicked earlier will now display your connection speed, SSID, signal strength and status when you hover over it.

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