Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Install A Different Operating System On My Computer

In order to use the programs and applications stored on your computer, even to just boot up your computer, you must have an operating system installed. If you would like to install a different operating system on your computer, you must do so while the original operating system is still installed, so that you have access to all of the components necessary for the new system's installation. You can install the operating system as a secondary system and run the new operating system alongside the old system.


1. Create a backup of all the files and programs on the computer's hard drive. To backup the files and programs, plug in an external hard drive, open the drive window and drag and drop the files and programs that you want to copy onto the drive, or burn the files and program to DVD-R using any standard disc-burning application.

2. Switch the order in which the drives of your computer boot. To do this, click the key listed on the boot screen (usually "Enter" or "Delete") during the boot process to be taken to the BIOS screen.

3. Click on the "Boot Order" option in the menu and click "Boot Device Priority." Follow the instructions provided in the window to move the "CDROM" drive to the top of the boot list.

4. Place the installation disc for the operating system that is already installed on the computer into the CD drive. Go to the "Start" menu and click "Restart." When the computer asks whether you want to boot to the "CDROM," click "Yes."

5. Return to the "Start" menu and right-click "My Computer" or "Computer." Click "Manage." Select the "Disk Management" option in the left pane.

6. Right-click the unnamed drive that appears in the right pane along with the other drives on the computer. Click "New Partition" and enter 4GB or more when prompted to enter a size for the partition. Follow the screens to finish adding the partition to the drive.

7. Replace the CD for the original operating system with the installation disc for the operating system that you want to install. Go to "Start" and choose "Restart" to reboot the computer. Once again, click "Yes" when asked if you want to boot to the "CDROM."

8. Follow the installation screen to install the operating system onto your computer. When given the option to select a partition to store the operating system on, choose the partition that you created. Restart the computer when prompted at the end of the installation process.

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