Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Install A Hard Drive On My Hp Pavilion Desktop

Install a Hard Drive on My HP Pavilion Desktop

Whether you are replacing a bad hard drive or installing a new one into your HP Pavilion desktop, the process is short and easy. Be careful around the motherboard, as any crack or damage can result in a dead computer. Also, you should first determine if your computer has the correct power supply for the type of hard drive you are installing, whether Sata or IDE.


1. Make sure the computer is off and all the cables are unplugged from the rear of the tower.

2. Unscrew the two screws holding the side panel on your HP machine.

3. Remove the side panel and locate the hard drive, which is a big metal rectangle with power and data cables plugged into it.

4. Unplug the power and the data cables by pinching them with the thumb and index finger and pulling out.

5. Unscrew all screws surrounding the existing hard drive and remove it from your HP unit.

6. Put in the new hard drive and plug the cables you just unplugged back into the new hard drive.

7. Screw in all screws you took out and plug all cables back in.

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