Thursday, 17 December 2015

Fix A Laptop Power Adapter

Fix a Laptop Power Adapter

You plug in your laptop power adapter, and suddenly your laptop isn't powering up. There may be an issue with your laptop power supply. Wires and connectors can sometimes become loose in power supplies and can lose the ability to charge your laptop. They can also become a fire hazard if any of these wires become exposed. You will need to unplug the power adapter and assess what's wrong before you can fix it.



1. Check the LED light where your power supply plugs in. Most power supplies have a small light on them to show if they are getting power from a functioning outlet. Try several different outlets. If the cord is firmly plugged in and the LED is not lit, then it's possible that the AC adapter has failed. Troubleshooting AC adapter problems takes much more technical expertise, and in most cases it would be more economical to purchase a new power adapter. If the LED blinks on and off if you wiggle the cord, there is probably a problem with the power cord itself or the laptop connector.

2. Cut off the laptop connector end. Use a wire stripper to strip back about an inch of the wire sheath on the end that connects to the laptop. Twist the wire braid and the shield surrounding it together. Use the soldering iron to coat the end of the braid with solder.

3. Find a replacement connector at your local electronics store. The connector needs to match the size exactly. Remember to slide the shell off the new connector onto the wire, so that it can be connected when the connector is attached.

4. Solder the inner wire to the center tab of the barrel connector. Solder the braid to the outer tab. Place small strips of electrical tape around each tab so that the wires are not able to touch and short out. Screw the connector shell onto the connector.

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