Friday, 18 December 2015

Replace The Motherboard In An Xps One

Replace your Dell XPS One computer's motherboard.

The XPS One is Dell's all-in-one desktop computer. It does not have a separate computer tower and LCD screen, but rather the LCD screen and motherboard are built into the same casing. Additionally, the XPS One ships with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It also comes in both 20- and 24-inch LCD monitor sizes. As with any computer, replacing the motherboard requires that you completely dismantle the computer, and remove all internal hardware components.


1. Power down the computer. Disconnect all cables, and devices from the computer. Place the computer with the screen facing downward on a flat surface. Remove the two Phillips head screws fastening the computer's back panel in place. Slide the entire back panel upward to disengage from the rest of the computer's casing. Remove the back panel from the computer to reveal its internal components.

2. Remove the seven Phillips head screws fastening the base stand to the computer. Lift the stand from the computer casing. Set it aside. Locate the metal shield along the top edge of the motherboard. Remove the four Phillips head screws fastening the metal shield in place. Remove the shield from the computer.

3. Locate the memory modules near the upper right corner of the motherboard. Release each module from its memory slot by spreading the spring-loaded retention clips on each side of each module. Lift each module out of its individual memory slot. Store the removed modules in static-free plastic bags.

4. Remove the four Phillips head screws fastening the hard drive to the center of the motherboard. Disconnect the power and data cables from the rear of the drive. Lift the drive out of its compartment, and set it aside.

5. Locate the wireless module above the empty memory slots on the motherboard. Disconnect the two antenna cables from the card. Remove the two Phillips head retention screws from the card, tilt the card upwards and pull the wireless module from its motherboard slot. Store the removed wireless module in a static-free plastic bag.

6. Locate the processor fan near the center of the motherboard. Disconnect the fan's power cable from the motherboard. Remove the Phillips head screws from the fan assembly. Lift the fan off of the processor, and set it aside.

7. Lift up on the lever securing the processor's metal cover in place. Tilt the metal cover away from the processor so it is in the upright position. Lift up on the secondary lever locking the processor chip to its motherboard socket. Lift the processor chip out of its socket, and set it aside.

8. Disconnect all remaining cables, and remove all remaining devices from the motherboard. Remove all remaining Phillips head screws fastening the motherboard to the computer's casing. Lift the motherboard out of the computer, and set it aside.

9. Repeat this procedure in reverse. Keep in mind that all hardware devices you remove from the old motherboard must be transferred to the new motherboard as it is installed.

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