Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Replace The Hdd In A Sony Vaio

Replace the HDD in a Sony Vaio

After you've downloaded enough music files or installed enough software programs, the HDD (hard disk drive) on your Sony Vaio will become full. You don't have to delete your important data to make room for new programs. Instead of cleaning house in your Vaio, you can replace the current HDD with a new drive that has a larger storage capacity. Swapping out the hard drive is a quick process, but you also need to take into account that the new drive won't already have an operating system installed.


1. Transfer any programs or documents you need from the current hard drive to an external storage device. Shut down the Sony Vaio laptop and close the LCD lid.

2. Unplug the Vaio's power cord and any other cables connected to the laptop. Turn the laptop upside-down.

3. Push the battery latch towards the unlock position and lift the battery unit out of the Sony Vaio. Remove the screws at the lower-right end of the Vaio's case with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

4. Lift the HDD cover off the Sony Vaio. Remove the two screws holding the hard drive mounting bracket to the motherboard.

5. Pull the HDD and its mounting bracket off the motherboard port. Remove the screws holding the hard drive to the mounting bracket. Pull the drive out of the bracket.

6. Set the new hard drive into the mounting bracket and reconnect the screws. Set the HDD and bracket into the Sony Vaio, and connect it to the motherboard port.

7. Place the HDD cover back onto the Vaio and reattach the screws. Pop the battery back into the laptop. Turn the Vaio over and open the LCD lid.

8. Power on the Sony Vaio. Insert the recovery CD into the disk drive. Follow the prompts to install the operating system on the new hard drive.

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