Thursday, 3 December 2015

Install A Geforce Galaxy Gts 250

Galaxy's Geforce GTS 250 is a NVIDIA-based graphics card capable of providing high quality graphics up to and including Microsoft's DX10 gaming instructions, available on Windows Vista and above. Installing the GTS 250 into your PC requires an open PCI-e expansion slot to hold the card, as well as a power supply capable of providing 400 watts of power. As long as you have the proper hardware, the actual installation process is a simple one, requiring just a few steps to provide you with enough graphics power to enjoy most high-end games and apps released up to 2011.


1. Unplug the power cord and all peripherals connected to your computer. Place the computer onto a flat surface, cover side facing up.

2. Remove the case cover for your PC by using a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the case screws and then lifting the cover free.

3. Locate the first PCI-e expansion slot on your motherboard. Find the slots by looking at the lower rear end of your motherboard. The PCI-e slot should be the first long slot in the row.

4. Remove any existing graphics card from the slot. Unscrew the card from the rear of the case, then push the small lever at the end of the slot beneath the card downward to push the rear of the card slightly upward from the slot. Remove any power cord connected to the card, then pull the card the rest of the way from the slot.

5. Align the notches along the base of the GTS 250 with those in the PCI-e slot, then press the card into the slot to install it onto the motherboard. Make sure the video-out sockets pass through the opening at the rear of the case and that the metal backing piece on the rear of the card sits on the small metal shelf along the case rear, with the notch at the top of the backing piece aligned with the mounting hole on the rear of the case.

6. Secure the card to the case by threading a screw through the notch on the metal backing pate and into the mounting hole on the case. Plug the six-pin power cable from the power supply into the power socket on the rear of the card. If your power supply does not have the six-pin cable, then attach the power adapter that came with the Galaxy GTS 250 to a four-pin power socket from your power supply, then attach the 6-pin socket on the other end of the adapter to the graphics card.

7. Replace the case cover, then secure it with the case screws. Turn the case upright and plug in the power supply as well as any unplugged peripherals. Attach your monitor to the rear of the newly installed card using a DVI or HDMI monitor cable.

8. Turn on the monitor, then turn on the PC. Wait for the operating system to boot up and recognize the new video card. The autodetect installs applicable video drivers for the card.

9. Open your Internet browser and log onto the Galaxy website. Download the newest drivers for the GTS 250 from the "Downloads" section. Select your model and operating system, then save the drivers to your hard drive. Double-click on the downloaded driver setup file to run the installation and update your drivers to complete the card installation.

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