Thursday, 3 December 2015

Replace The Motherboard In An Hp S3220n

Replace the Motherboard in an HP S3220N

The mini-ITX sized motherboard inside your HP Pavilion S3220N computer only comes with two RAM ports and two PCI expansion ports. If you need to install additional memory for increased speed or add another expansion card, your only option is to replace the current M2N61-AR model motherboard with an entirely new motherboard. Reaching the old motherboard requires taking part several other components, such as the RAM, expansion card and processor.


1. Power off the S3220N computer and remove all of the cables attached to the case. Move the PC's case onto a sturdy work area and position the case on its side so the access cover is visible.

2. Remove the three Phillips-head screws at the far back end of the case. Pull the access cover toward the left to reveal the motherboard and its attached hardware components.

3. Find the two RAM sockets at the far right end of the motherboard that hold the green RAM modules. Pop the RAM modules off their socket by pushing down the black plastic tabs at the top and bottom of the modules. Remove the modules from the motherboard.

4. Locate the thin PCI card at the left end of the motherboard near the bottom of the case. The card has a metal bracket at the left end connecting to the back of the computer case. Remove the screw holding the bracket to the case.

5. Grab the top edge of the PCI card and pull the card off the motherboard. Unplug the short cable connecting the processor fan to the motherboard. The fan is positioned near the top-left end of the motherboard.

6. Unlock the fan from the processor by pushing down the two clips on the top and bottom edges. Lift the fan, and the metal heat sink underneath the fan, off the processor.

7. Locate the locking mechanism on the right edge of the square processor. Pull up the locking mechanism and remove the processor. Unplug the remaining cable connecting the power supply at the top-left corner of the case to the motherboard.

8. Loosen and remove the two screws at the bottom of the motherboard and the two screws at the top of the motherboard. Pull the motherboard toward the right until the USB ports and PCI expansion card slots are no longer connected to the edge of the computer case.

The HP's motherboard has a Socket AM2 processor port. Check the specs of the new motherboard to ensure it also uses the Socket AM2 technology, or your processor will not fit the new motherboard.

9. Lift the motherboard out of the HP Pavilion's case. Position the new mini-ITX motherboard inside the case and line up the ports with the back end of the computer case. Replace the four screws and put back together the processor, heat sink and fan, RAM modules, PCI card and access cover.

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