Thursday, 10 December 2015

Replace The Pcb On My Toshiba Laptop Satellite Pro A120

Toshiba released the Satellite Pro A120 in 2006, so virtually all existing units no longer have a valid warranty. Therefore, you must pay Toshiba or another repair company if you have a defective A120 laptop, or opt to perform the work yourself. Early revisions of the unit tended to have problems with video corruption and overheating, usually the result of an expanded or blown capacitor on the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard is much easier than trying to repair the bad capacitor, and doing the work yourself can save you a considerable amount of money in labor charges.


1. Disconnect the power adapter cord, close the LCD screen and remove the battery pack from the bottom of the laptop.

2. Loosen the screw that secures the CD/DVD drive tray. Depending on your model, the screw has a "CD" label or a picture of a small optical drive next to it. Slide the CD/DVD drive out of the laptop.

3. Remove the screw from the memory cover slot. It's either labeled "M" or has a small picture of a memory module. Remove the module and then the memory module.

4. Remove the cover slot for the wireless card. The slot has a picture of a wireless antenna signal on it. Unlock the wireless card and unplug the wireless antenna leads. Remove the card from the laptop chassis.

5. Remove all the screws labeled "K" on the bottom of the laptop. Flip the A120 back over and open the LCD screen.

6. Insert the tips of the awl into the slot at the right edge of the keyboard edge cover that is just above the "F" row of keys on the keyboard. Use the awl to pry up the edge cover slowly as you work your way from the right side of the laptop to the left. After you pry up the edge cover, remove it from the laptop.

7. Loosen and remove the two screws just above the "F" row of keys that secure the A120 keyboard to the chassis. Lift upward on the top edge of the keyboard and rotate it to the rear. Disconnect the cable connector from the keyboard and the motherboard.

8. Unlock the clips that secure the primary memory module for the A120 that sits under the keyboard. Remove the module and set it aside.

9. Loosen and remove the retaining screws that are just the palm rest cover on either side of the laptop. Lift up the top edge of the palm rest cover and unplug the touchpad cable from the motherboard. Push forward on the front edge of the palm rest cover until the plastic locks disengage. Remove the palm rest and touchpad assembly from the laptop.

10. Remove the four screws that secure the keyboard bezel to the A120 chassis. Remove the bezel from the laptop.

11. Remove the screws labeled "1" through "4" that secure the thermal cooling assembly to the motherboard. Be sure to remove the screws in the correct order to avoid cracking the mounts on the motherboard. Unplug the cooling unit cable from the motherboard, then lift up on the cooling assembly to remove it from the motherboard.

12. Close the LCD screen. Turn the laptop back over and remove all remaining screws. Remove the two screws on the rear edge of the laptop as well. Open the LCD screen.

13. Unplug the video-signal cable that leads from the bottom of the LCD screen to the main board. Lift up on the LCD panel and remove it from the laptop.

14. Insert the awl into the small gap between the upper and lower parts of the chassis. Gently pry the two halves apart with the awl. Avoid breaking the plastic tabs that help secure the two pieces. Remove the upper half of the chassis from the lower part.

15. Remove all the remaining screws visible on the surface of the motherboard. Gently lift the motherboard out of the lower half of the chassis.

16. Insert the new main board into the chassis. Align the screw holes on the board and chassis. Secure the motherboard to the chassis with the screws you removed from the old A120 main board.

17.Reassemble the Satellite A120 laptop by reversing the steps you used to take it apart.

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