Monday, 7 December 2015

Replace A Cmos Battery In A Toshiba Laptop

The CMOS battery inside of your laptop contains important information, including system settings, and date and time configurations. When the battery loses its charge, your laptop will revert back to an older date and time, which will cause problems with various Windows programs and utilities. Replacing this battery is not costly, though it will involve opening your Toshiba laptop.


1. Open your Toshiba laptop using your screwdriver. As all laptops have different aesthetic features, consult your owner or service manual for specific instructions in opening your Toshiba laptop.

2. Locate the motherboard. This board will be the size of your laptop and colored green.

3. Locate the CMOS battery. This battery is about a half inch in diameter, silver and is round. On some laptops, this battery is protected by a blue or black static shielding bag. Remove this bag.

4. Carefully remove any clips or tape holding the battery in place. Using your fingers, gently lift the battery free of its holder. Dispose of the battery in a safe manner.

5. Insert your new CR2023 battery into the holder, replacing any clips or tape.

6. Reassemble your Toshiba laptop.

7. Boot your laptop and set the correct date and time. Restart your laptop to ensure the changes have been saved and that the new CMOS battery is saving the relevant data.

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